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PrEP is a pill that stops me getting HIV

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Your body, your sexual health, your wellbeing – looking after them starts with you.

We have the tools to stop HIV. Testing, treatment, condoms and PrEP. Each of us can play our part.

‍Be part of the generation that stops HIV.

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It’s a good idea to test at least once a year. Testing is the only way to know if you have HIV, so you can stay in control of your health.

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Most new infections come from unprotected sex with someone who doesn’t know they have HIV – so aren’t on medication and aren’t undetectable. Choose your way to protect yourself and prevent HIV, from options including condoms and PrEP.

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The sooner someone with HIV starts treatment, the better it is for their health. People on treatment achieve an undetectable viral load, which means there's no more risk of transmission. Treatment is free to everyone in the UK.

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It’s good sexual health practice to test for STIs regularly. This could mean every time you have a new sexual partner, or testing every three to six months. Using condoms helps lessen the likelihood of getting or passing on STIs and testing and treatment is easy and free.

Commonly Asked Questions

Experts answer your questions on HIV, STIs and sexual health.