Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army currently has 172 health facilities in 37 countries, focusing on healthcare and the prevention of disease. Maternal and child health services; Sexual and reproductive health; Detection and management of communicable disease e.g. HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and leprosy; Detection, monitoring and management of non-communicable conditions; Early detection and management of cancers; Emergency care; Infectious diseases e.g malaria, cholera, bilharzia; Ophthalmology; Dental services; Kidney diseases including renal dialysis; General surgery; Nutrition advice and management; End-of-life care; Mental health issues; Rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


101 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4P 4EP


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Telephone: 020 7332 0101 (within the UK)

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Salvation Army
101 Queen Victoria Street
London, EC4P 4EP, United Kingdom