Renaissance at Drugline Lancashire (PR1 2HD)

Delivers drug and sexual health services independently and as part of local substance misuse and sexual health partnerships in the county of Lancashire.


2 Union Court
Union Street


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Telephone: 01772 253 840

Who this service is for

Everyone, with special services for children and families, gay men and people new to the UK.


Delivers drug and sexual health services independently and as part of local substance misuse and sexual health partnerships in the county of Lancashire.

Opening hours

All services combine drop in and appointment approaches. Open office hours with frequent extended hours access available in centres and community.

Healthier living with HIV

Offers co-ordinated services for those living with and affected by HIV in Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen. Additionally the healthier living service provides access to groups of people facing similar problems to allow people to gain peer support and offers opportunities for volunteering, awareness raising and condom distribution.

Renaissance at Drugline – Lancashire Blackpool Sexual Health Services

RISK@ Renaissance:combining outreach with advice and information in LGB&T venues; bars, clubs, hotels, PSE, saunas etc. SHIVER project:co-ordinated support for those living with and affected by HIV, with promoting HIV peer support and volunteering. Campaigns and awareness raising (including HIV carers. Best2Know HIV testing, HIV and 50 Plus, safer cottaging and cruising, saunas, relationships, internet dating & sexual health (MSM & WSW). Accredited training with identification and brief advice skills across the public health priorities of drugs, alcohol, sexual health, smoking cessation, healthy weight and health. LGBT community work offering groups, representation, condom distribution and information shops. SWOSS outreach and support service for sex workers, with bespoke support for LGB&T and migrants. ISVA co-ordinated support for survivors of sexual violence, with dedicated male support. Safe space LGBT venue road show raising sexual violence awareness, 9-5 core with extended evenings and late nights

Horizon Substance Misuse, Harm Reduction & Criminal Justice services, Blackpool

The service is a member of the Horizon Blackpool Integrated Treatment Service. The ACT (Access and Choices team). Offers a single point of contact for those affected by drugs or alcohol, supporting people to start their recovery journey. Additionally offering harm reduction and needle exchange services, drugs and alcohol IBA accredited training, Naloxone programme, first aid & overdose Training, AACCE service for alcohol and amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and legal high users, SIPED service for those using steroids and image and performance enhancing drugs, outreach services. Safer Nights Out: support for night time revellers and campaigns bridging substance misuse and sexual health and safety, whilst recognising the particular needs of Blackpool’s LGB&T community. This service is supported by the Night Safe Haven Bus in the town centre.

Moving forward

Recovery focused treatment for AACCE users and family support services

Recovery centre

At treatment journey conclusion this service contributes to the community rehabilitation programme. For those substance users involved in the criminal justice system the service leading a comprehensive approach to address both offending and substance use.


COR Chlamydia testing outreach to gyms, bars and clubs in Blackpool and bars and clubs in Central Lancashire.

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Renaissance at Drugline Lancashire (PR1 2HD)
2 Union Court
Preston, PR1 2HD
United Kingdom