King’s College Hospital (SE5 9RS)

Specialist services


Ground floor, Caldecot Centre, 15-22 Caldecot Road, London


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Telephone: 020 3299 5000
Telephone: 020 3299 3448

Who this service is for

Everyone, with special services for children and families, gay men, straight men, straight women and young people.


Specialist services

Appointment-only clinics

Rainbow clinic

An evening clinic for men who have sex with men, offering HIV testing, hepatitis vaccinations, full sexual health check ups, and counselling.

Specialist clinics

Clinics for complex, recurrent or persistent STI or contraceptive needs e.g. genital dermatoses, prostatitis, herpes, HPV (genital warts), difficult IUD/IUS insertions or removals. At the Caldecot centre, as a specialist clinic, we also deal with complex syphilis cases; follow-up clinics for wart treatment, other syphilis treatment, PEP and vaccinations.

Comprehensive psychosexual service

Provides physical and psychological help for sexual and relationship problems such as lack of libido, vaginismus, erectile difficulties and premature ejaculation.


The centre also houses the medical service for people living with HIV and provides an appointment and emergency drop-in service for these patients. A satellite pharmacy provides rapid access to drug dispensing for this group. The centre has developed an integrated service for the social and welfare needs of people living with HIV. Services for people with HIV infection – whether they are newly diagnosed, have symptoms or AIDS – include counselling services from health advisers. Six beds in the general medical Lonsdale Ward are dedicated to the care of people with HIV.

Antenatal clinics for women with HIV, working with a specialist midwife and family clinics for people with HIV and their children.

Other specialist clinics

Include those for people with HIV and liver problems, tuberculosis or with problems with antiretroviral treatment.

Young people’s HIV services


– Onsite pharmacy

– Adherence support

– Health adviser support

– Annual health review

– Psychological support

– Patient liaison

– Dietitian

– Sexually transmitted infections screening

– Contraception

Sexual assault

The Caldecot also offers special treatment and advice service at The Haven for women and men who have been sexually assaulted. Other services provided include psychosexual clinics, health advising, and outreach clinics for the working women’s project. The centre is open from Monday to Friday.

Other services

A specialist dietician is available to see inpatients and outpatients.

Prison sexual health service, with a full GUM screening service, available under contract at Brixton prison. A senior doctor, nursing staff and health advisers run the service.

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King’s College Hospital (SE5 9RS)
Ground floor, Caldecot Centre, 15-22 Caldecot Road, London
London, SE5 9RS
United Kingdom