Homerton University Hospital – Sexual Health Services (E9 6SR)

Clifden Centre


Homerton Row
E9 6SR


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Telephone: 020 7683 4103 (Clifden)
Telephone: 020 8510 7837 (Jonathan Mann)

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Clifden Centre

Walk-in clinics and appointments offering sexual health screening, HIV testing, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and hepatitis B vaccination. HPV vaccination for men who have sex with men is now available at this clinic.

The Jonathan Mann Clinic

The Jonathan Mann Clinic is for people living with, or affected by HIV.

HIV testing

Confidential HIV testing is available during clinic times.

PEP (Post-exposure prophylaxis)

PEP available during clinic hours. For PEP outside clinic hours please attend A&E.

HIV treatment & care

Additional clinical services

Joint antenatal care for HIV-positive pregnant women. Anal cancer screening using high resolution anoscopy. Laser treatment for warts and pre-cancer in the genital and anal region. Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases affecting the genital area.

Health advisers

Social care co-ordinator

Inpatient care

HIV dietetic services

Clinical psychology services

Young people’s HIV services

Clinic times

Clinic open Monday to Friday. Walk-in clinic and booked appointments available. See website for details.

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Homerton University Hospital – Sexual Health Services (E9 6SR)
Homerton Row
London, E9 6SR
United Kingdom