Homerton University Hospital – Sexual Health Services (E9 6SR)

Clifden Centre


Homerton Row
E9 6SR


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Telephone: 020 7683 4103 (Clifden)
Telephone: 020 8510 7837 (Jonathan Mann)

Who this service is for

Gay men and young people.


Clifden Centre

Walk-in clinics and appointments offering sexual health screening, HIV testing, post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and hepatitis B vaccination.

The Jonathan Mann Clinic

The Jonathan Mann Clinic is for people living with, or affected by HIV.

HIV testing

Confidential HIV testing is available during clinic times.

PEP (Post-exposure prophylaxis)

PEP available during clinic hours. For PEP outside clinic hours please attend A&E.

HIV treatment & care

Additional clinical services

Joint antenatal care for HIV-positive pregnant women. Anal cancer screening using high resolution anoscopy. Laser treatment for warts and pre-cancer in the genital and anal region. Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases affecting the genital area.

Health advisers

Social care co-ordinator

Inpatient care

HIV dietetic services

Clinical psychology services

Young people’s HIV services

Clinic times

Clinic open Monday to Friday. Walk-in clinic and booked appointments available. See website for details.

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Homerton University Hospital – Sexual Health Services (E9 6SR)
Homerton Row
London, E9 6SR
United Kingdom