Camden Specialist Drug Services (CDS North & South) (NW1 2LS)


Service for people who are concerned about their use of drugs. The team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of treatment needs before they discuss a treatment plan. Provides substitute medication, such as methadone and buprenorphine, talking therapies, psychiatric assessments, assessments for residential detox and rehabilitation, testing and vaccination for hepatitis as well as general support and advice. The team are interested in all aspects of your care, including your educational, employment and physical health needs, and will proactively work with you to improve your quality of life.


The Margarete Centre
108 Hampstead Road


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Telephone: 020 3317 6000

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Camden Specialist Drug Services (CDS North & South) (NW1 2LS)
The Margarete Centre
London, NW1 2LS
United Kingdom