BHA for Equality (M15 4AE)


Provides HIV prevention services for people from black and minority ethnic (BME) communities living in Manchester. This is through the provision of HIV information materials in various languages, condoms and lubricants, rapid HIV testing, community outreach awareness sessions focusing on HIV and sexual health, targeted HIV prevention campaigns, information on HIV testing and referrals to HIV testing clinics, information on screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, information on and referrals to HIV treatment and health care services, information on referrals to sexual health services, one-to-one support for people with HIV focusing on access to services, information on health and well being for people living with HIV, skills-based training to prevent onward transmission of HIV to partner or child, publicity for sexual health and HIV services. Appointments needed for community awareness & training sessions.


Aura Business Centres
412 Stretford Rd
Old Trafford, Manchester
M15 4AE


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Telephone: 0161 874 2183

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BHA for Equality (M15 4AE)
Aura Business Centres
Old Trafford, Manchester, M15 4AE
United Kingdom