56 Dean Street (W1D 4PR)

Sexual health and HIV follow-up, treatment and care centre. Most services are by appointment.


Dean Street Express
34 Dean Street


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Telephone: 020 3315 6699

Who this service is for

Everyone, with special services for African people, children and families, gay men and young people.


Sexual health and HIV follow-up, treatment and care centre. Most services are by appointment.

Weekend opening times (please check before you go to the clinic)

Saturday 11am – 4pm

Drop-in services

The following services are available throughout opening hours:

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

Emergency contraception

Cont@ct (young people under 20 years)

Appointment services

Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Follow-up care for patients who are HIV+


Pregnancy testing

Safer sex advice and counselling


HIV-positive people registered with the ‘OptionE’ email results service have the option to have their routine blood tests in the evening.

Specialist and targeted services also available. See website for details.

Services include clinics and services for people in the trans community and for those who work in the sex industry. Chemsex clinic also available

Dean Street Express

Fast, free and confidential sexual health screening (STI/STD tests) 6 days a week without an appointment. See http://www.chelwest.nhs.uk/services/hiv-sexual-health/clinics/dean-street-express#sthash.wD9Mjbh0.dpuf

Cont@ct – young person’s service (under 20 years)

Free condoms

Emergency contraception (morning after pill)

Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV

Contraception and family planning including pills, injections, implants and IUD/IUS (coils)

Advice on pregnancy and abortion

Safe sex advice

Advice about relationships

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56 Dean Street (W1D 4PR)
Dean Street Express
London, W1D 4PR
United Kingdom