It Starts With Nana

19 September 2016

‘I’m very passionate about HIV prevention because I’m from one of the most affected communities.’isaac_tht-600x300

What inspires someone to battle stigma head on and model for a high profile HIV campaign?

Meet Nana Bonsu, a self-employed 34-year-old from London and one of the real people featuring in the HIV prevention campaign It Starts With Me. The campaign features real people sharing their personal stories on HIV and will appear across England on billboards, public transport, social media and in the press. Nana explained his motivations for getting involved.

‘I’m very passionate about HIV prevention because I’m from one of the most affected communities and I make it a point to test for HIV every 12 months. I know many people who suffer from the illness or who have died out of a lack of information.’

‘I feel personally obliged because someone has to take the responsibility to talk about it. I think the It Starts With Me campaign is a platform where a whole group of people can come together and change the way HIV is viewed.’

The campaign aims to show that HIV is not something to be feared, but is something each of us can control in our own lives through regular HIV testing and using condoms.

‘If people get tested and they find out that they are positive; they get help, they get treatment. If they test and are negative, they can seek to remain negative,’ Nana added.

One in six people living with HIV in the UK do not know they have it and are therefore likely to pass on the virus.

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