The People Behind National HIV Testing Week

National HIV Testing Week has now been running for six years, with more and more people getting involved every year. More people are visiting testing centres, ordering free HIV postal tests and spreading the message about this important cause.

The campaign wouldn’t be the success it is today without all the incredible people who have donated their time and resources, so we wanted to start the new year by celebrating them.

HRH Prince Harry

Prince Harry, Testing Week 2017

Prince Harry has been a long-time supporter of the campaign. He took an HIV test live on Facebook in 2016 and continued his support by becoming the face of National HIV Testing Week in 2017.

He generated a massive amount of awareness by visiting our pop-up shop and handing out free testing kits to members of the public, and has continued to be a prominent voice in the fight against HIV.

Celebrity Support

Celebrity support, Testing Week 2017

Over the years many celebrities have taken to social media to show their support, and in 2017 they flocked to our pop-up shop in Hackney to offer their support in person.

We were thrilled to be visited by influential names such as the wonderful MNEK, Adekunle Gold, Dorcas Fapson and Dr. Rupy Aujla, who all showed an enormous amount of passion and enthusiasm towards the campaign.

Influencer support

Influencers, Testing Week 2017Many influential online personalities help spread the key messages of National HIV Testing Week every year, and 2017 was no different.

Riyadh Khalaf, Joy Ogude, Kevin Shanti, Smade and Hannah Witton all acted as ambassadors for the campaign, helped to promote awareness, and encouraged countless other influencers to show their support as well.

Community Organisations

Community, Testing Week 2017Hundreds of community organisations right across the country get involved with National HIV Testing Week by opening out-of-hours testing facilities and spreading awareness far and wide. Seeing so many different organisations sharing their photos and messages of support is always a campaign highlight.

Community Support

Give HIV the finger, Testing Week 2017Our biggest thanks goes out to all the support we receive directly from the wider communities.

The campaign wouldn’t be able to run without the volunteer models who generously donate their time. These models act as ambassadors for our campaign and are seen everywhere right across the nation – from social media, to billboards, to double spreads in magazines.

HIV prevention really does start with all of us. Do your part by getting involved and helping us to spread the message today.

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