The Faces Of Our Campaign

Since the beginning of the It Starts With Me campaign, it’s been the passion of individuals that has been the driving force behind the project’s success. The fight against HIV relies on so many volunteers, and the campaign’s most recent video showcases this by featuring many of the real people who are making a difference in their own way.

Here’s a closer look at the people who make up the video and how each of them have played an integral role in the progress we’ve seen over the past few years.

Celebrity Support


Doctor and television personality Ranj Singh has been a long-term supporter of the campaign, discussing National HIV Testing Week on national television as well as shouting about his support for the campaign on social media. Ranj represents the many celebrities that have made a difference in offering their support, including the likes of Stephen Fry, Prince Harry, Graham Norton and Dr Christian Jessen.

Ambassador Support


Horcelie Sinda – Miss Congo UK – is one of the many diverse voices that make up the voiceover for the video. As an ambassador for the campaign, she represents all the people speaking directly to their communities about the issues that matter most to them, and as an HIV activist herself, Horcelie is testament to the difference this can make.

YouTube Supporters


YouTubers Joy Ogude, Dan & Jon, Shoshana & Meredith, Jamie Raines, and Roly all make appearances and are just some of the many YouTubers who have been long-term supporters of the campaign. Contributing to over 3,000,000 views of the campaign videos, they’ve been an enormous  part of drawing attention to the campaign since its inception.

Drag Queen Support


Drag queen Poppy Seed is seen putting on her makeup in the video. She represents the tireless support we’ve received from the drag communities over the past few years. The drag communities have rallied together to show their support for National HIV Testing Week every single year; they’ve graced the covers of magazines in the name of HIV prevention, and been exceptionally open and honest in sharing the personal stories that matter most to them.

Community Support


The video also features members of the wider communities who make a difference by taking action in their own lives and encouraging their communities to do the same. Prem, Laura, Joe, Charlotte, Zoheb, Otto and Shaaba all make up the remaining voices and faces in the video, as well as appearances and voiceovers from members of Terrence Higgins Trust staff and the It Starts With Me team.

HIV prevention really does start with all of us. We’ve really started something, and with your help we can stop HIV for good.