Ade, a broadcaster helping the conversation on HIV testing

AdeFor Ade, HIV is a very important subject that needs more awareness and he aims to use his work as a radio and TV broadcaster to help get more people tested for HIV.

‘One of the greatest things about what I do as a broadcaster is that I can reach out and inspire other people.

‘I had my first ever HIV test on air while hosting a TV show and it was easy and quick. I was initially nervous but managed to do it. The kind or relief and empowerment you get from whatever the result is, nothing beats that. ‘

Ade, who is also a family man and avid sports enthusiast, received a lot of messages via social media following his on-air HIV test. The messages were a mixture of those that were supportive, some questioning his motivation for taking the test on air and others asking why he felt he needed to test in the first place. Though the test broadcast in 2014, Ade still has people talking to him about it to this day which has made him keen to continue discussing the importance of HIV testing.

‘Some people are scared of taking the test simply because they are worried about having a positive result. Unfortunately we still have a lot of stigma around HIV with some people still seeing it as a death sentence. This is no longer true with the advancement of treatment.

‘Some of my friends have raised an eyebrow to my involvement thinking perhaps there is a bit more to me getting involved than just wanting to help spread the word. It’s intriguing to see their facial expressions when I bang on about the importance of getting tested.

‘You don’t need to have HIV yourself to talk about it. We can all benefit from talking about it more and encouraging each other to get tested.’

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